We found wines for
you to enjoy.

A step-by-step guide to
Roaring Twenties Wine Co.

Our passion for wine is matched only by our passion for travel. Roaring Twenties Wine Co. began as a desire to bring those passions together and call it "work."

The adventure all started in our "Roaring Twenties" which became the inspiration for the brand. Although a couple years have passed, the fun continues.

Our goal is to find wines that best express the places we travel – the sights, smells, flavours, and characters – so that we can bring them back to share with our friends.

We hope enjoying this wine will inspire you to explore your passion.

1. Build a winery. The only catch: we love life in the city, far from prime grape growing land. Thus, we built the Vancouver Urban Winery, now home to Roaring Twenties Wine Co.

2. Since growing grapes on the roof wasn’t an option, it was time to travel and our wine hunt was on.

3. After visiting countless vineyards, hanging out in wine cellars, and drinking with local wine experts, we found our favourite wines. A crisp, fresh New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a full bodied, fruit driven Argentinian Malbec, wines we are excited to drink every day.

4. Share with friends! Cheers!